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Businesses in Albany County enjoy tax incentives, access to loan programs, and support at the local, county, and state levels. Our economic development partners are committed to supporting your business from startup to expansion to relocation to development.

Albany County IDA/CRC

Eligible businesses can benefit from Albany County IDA and Capital Resource Corporation tax abatement and financing programs:

  • Real property tax abatement (PILOT)
  • NYS sales tax abatement (8%)
  • NYS mortgage tax abatement (1%)
  • Low-interest financing
  • Tax or tax-exempt bond financing

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Depending on the location of your project, the County or local IDAs may be able to help. Inquiries should be directed to the Alliance's Economic Development Coordinator, Rosemary McHugh (RMcHugh@advancealbanycounty.com) at 518-764-0171.

Al Tech Loan Fund

The Al Tech Loan Fund offers economic development financing at competitive interest rates to supplement traditional bank lending.

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Natural Gas & Electricity

National Grid offers economic development grant programs focused on site development, infrastructure, community development, energy efficiency, and more.
Central Hudson serves some southern areas of the County and offers several economic development  programs.

The Sustainable Technology and Green Energy (STAGE) Grant Program

The Sustainable Technology and Green Energy (STAGE) Grant Program provides financial assistance to support the retention, expansion and attraction of clean energy industries in Albany County. Grants will be provided based on applicant need and project impact, including levels of investment and job creation.

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Empire State Development

For more support offered by the County and our economic development partners, please visit our Additional Resources page ›