We’re here for your ongoing support and expansion

We know that existing businesses are at the heart economic growth. We created our Business Retention and Expansion Program to help our County’s existing businesses grow and stay in Albany County. Through surveying and meeting with local businesses we will understand the needs, barriers, and issues that may be holding businesses back from thriving and growing. Please take our Survey ›

What it is:

  • A strategic, ongoing effort to learn about your business needs so we can identify ways to assist.

Why we do it:

  • Existing businesses in Albany County are the “customers” who we are here to serve. The vast majority of new job creation comes from existing companies. Helping Albany County businesses grow, become more sustainable, and stay in Albany County is a top priority of the Alliance.
  • Learning about your potential expansion plans, financing needs, and obstacles to growth will help us identify partners and resource that could help your business grow.

How we do it:

  • Digital Survey - The easiest way to participate in our BRE program is by taking our short digital survey. The survey is open to all Albany County businesses and will help us learn about your organization and its needs. Please consider taking our survey ›
  • BRE Meetings – Face-to-face or virtual meetings help us expand on survey results and dive deeper into your challenges, opportunities, and needs. At the conclusion of this meeting we will create a follow-up plan to maintain communication.
  • Annual Engagement Event – A week-long event that occurs each fall where the Alliance and our economic development partners connect with businesses throughout Albany County to show appreciation, connect them with resources and information, and collect information about their needs and the local business environment.

How we can help:

  • Business Support – We can connect your business with training, incentives, state and federal programs, and other business support programs in the region.
  • Deal Structuring – We can partner with local lending institutions, municipal economic development organizations or other resources to help your project come to fruition.
  • Expansion Assistance – Connect expanding businesses with potential sites, identify incentives, navigate local regulations, and connect into workforce development programs to support smooth and successful business growth.