Strategic and Accessible Location

Albany County’s strategic location makes it one of the most accessible regions with access to over half of the purchasing power of North America. The County’s interstates, rail lines, airport, and ports offer superb connectivity to northeast markets and their major metropolitan areas. Businesses are able to access two major rivers and the Erie Canal, as well as the Ports of Albany and Coeymans- creating easy access to international markets.   

Diverse and educated workforce

By The Numbers:
229,591 Total Regional Employment
10 Colleges and universities
13,276 Graduates from Albany County institutions in 2020
77.15% Labor Force Participation
6,150+ Remote workers (3.9% of total)
40% have a bachelor’s or master’s degree

Our 10 colleges and universities teach over 40,000 students in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, giving our region’s employers an abundance of well-educated, work-ready individuals to draw on.
For those businesses needing more experienced professionals, Albany County has what you need. Over 20% of the county’s population has a Graduate/Professional degree, 8% higher than the national average